0x8007232b & 0x8007007B On Windows – Fix Error Codes

0x8007007b or 0x8007232b – Following are the error codes which generally occur when installing Windows 8 on your computer and the moment you activate the software you will get the error codes flashing on the screen.

Following is the possible error message that you will get to see on your screen.

0x8007007b or 0x8007232b 


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Windows could not be activated.
Key management services (KMS) host could not be located in domain name system (DNS), please have your system administrator verify that a KMS is published correctly in DNS.
Error: 0x8007232b
DNS name does not exist.

If you are seeking solutions to fix the problem then let me tell you that you have entered the right place where you will get a background of the error and a detailed methodology that will surely help you to resolve the error.

This article is intended to support all the tech experts and IT professionals that will not only give them a better understanding of the errors but also the reasonable solutions that will help them fix it permanently.

Here at Error Master, we strongly focus that each user must do all the examination and analysis of the errors before pursuing to the methods to correct them. Although, we agree that the process of understanding gets really boring but it actually helps.

Error Codes 0x8007232b & 0x8007007B


Like every other error, the Error Codes 0x8007232b & 0x8007007B are highly gruesome because whenever such error appears they threaten the work of the user. But this error is slightly different from the other errors which have discussed in the other articles.

There is no one specific solution to fix this error in this article but we have other alternative methods which will help you to fix the problem as soon as the problem arises.

Now that we have got little familiar with nature of error which occurs while we try to activate different versions of Windows OS on your system. To simplify, the DNS that you have installed on your system cannot be seen on the computer.

If you own a KMS host computer configuration and still if you get to see this error then it means that the DNS entries will not be visible on your system. KMS host is really an important tool to have on your device and if it is not installed on your device then we recommend you to install it otherwise you can also go for MAK product key method.

Since we have gone through the detailed analysis of the error and now we will move further towards the tutorial which will help you to resolve the error which has been threatening you for quite long.

What does Error Codes 0x8007232b & 0x8007007b Actually Mean?

As you can see that there are two different error code where one is 0x8007232b and the other is 0x8007007b. we have already discussed that this error specifically occurs whenever you intend to update or activate any advanced version on your computer and leaves you wondering how to fix it.

Now we will look deeply at both the errors and what makes them different from each other. And as a matter of fact, windows error are quite similar and they can easily confuse you at any moment.

Windows Activation Error Code: 0x8007232b 

The code error which is mentioned above occurs when the Windows cannot be activated. As we have discussed above that the error specifically says KMS or Key Management Services host plays an important role and it cannot be located in the DNS or Domain Name System.

Windows Activation Error Code: 0x8007007b

This error code is too related to activation and the message you will get on the screen is as follows – “Windows couldn’t be activated. Go to Control Panel to learn other ways to activate. Error code: 0x8007007b. Error Description: The filename, directory name, or volume label syntax is incorrect.”

You must be thinking why are you getting such error codes on your screen then now it is time to enlighten you. Well, the most primary reason for this error is that the wrong product key has been entered and the moment you get a valid product key you will be able to complete the installation process.

How to Fix the Errors?

Now that we have deeply discussed the nature of such errors and why do they occur. Now it’s really time that we should disclose the possible solutions of such errors. We are going to provide you different methods that will help you to resolve the issues.

Method No.1

This is one of the easiest and reliable methods which will help you to fix the Error code: 0x8007007b. We recommend you to follow this step by step guide carefully to rescue yourself from the error.

  • The first step in the process is to open your “Windows” and close all the “Programs” which you have been recently using.
  • Once all the programs get closed you need to right click on the screen and then you will get to see a “pop-up menu” on your screen.
  • Navigate for the “Run” and then select it.
  • Then a “Run Command box” will get appear on the screen.
  • On the window, you need to type “slui 3” over there.
  • Once you type the above-mentioned command then you need to hit the “Enter” button and then click the “OK” button on the Windows Activation prompt.
  • When you enter the valid product key on your Windows device then you need to click on the “Activate” button.

Method No.2

This is the second alternative in case the previous method does not work for you. Follow the steps carefully which are given below.

  • Open the “Windows”.
  • Close to all the currently opened “Programs”.
  • Right-click on the menu and then a pop-up will get appear on the screen.
  • Locate for the “Command prompt (Admin)” and then select “User Account control” from there.
  • The user account control will ask you some questions which you need to say “yes”.
  • Then on the command prompt window, you need to type – “slmgr.vbs –ipk [a valid product key for Windows 8”
  • And then type “slmgr.vbs /to” and then press the “Enter” key.

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Final Words

We hope that you have learned to fix the Error code: 0x8007007b or 0x8007232b  from your windows device by using the provided guidance. We would love to hear you experience which you can mention in the comments section below.

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