PS4 Controller Not Charging – [Complete Fixing Guide]

If you are crazy game lover or gaming freak, you can understand the frustration of powering your PS4 Controller Not Charging and it is not working. You will surely rush around for PS4 Controller Not Charging. Many of you who are not crazy about game are wondering that what PS4 controller is.  You are driving a car, you need steering to give the car direction.

As the same way you need a remote controller to steer games in your play station. I am sure that you have played FIFA WORLD CUP in the Play station. You can understand the need of controller in it.

PS4 Controller Not Charging

Fixing PS4 Controller
Fixing PS4 Controller

Who are die heart fan of playing game on play station. It would be very painful for them when they realise that their PS4 in not charging. Even they can relax in their comfortable couch.

What will this poor guy do now? He will rush out to the local store to buy new PS4 controller. We will give your smile back if you are facing this problem by giving you some steps to fix it.

We are going to start our steps to fix PS4 Controller Not Charging. But before it we would like to provide your some important information. First keep in mind you need to disassemble the controller. Now you can start all the steps in order to fix controller. Here I am providing you tube video that will help you to understand better. The link is given below.

First solution-European Union PlayStation forum is responsible to provide first fix. You have to do shipment the components which you find faulty to European Union Play station. It will send you the good one. If the gamer is complaining that his new PS4 controller has stopped charging after purchasing one week. He already tried both cables of controller using both of USB slots. But it is not working. It stays blue when it is normal but when it is charging it gets red.

You should check first that USB is working or not. You can use your laptop to confirm the USB is working or not. Now plug PS4 controller into the laptop to see if it is charging. If it is charging it may be the possibility that now you can charge it through the charger. Sometimes it is possible it can resume PS4 controller for accepting charge. Now you are ready to throw the challenges you peer competitors.

Second solution- There is another user who got this kind of problem while speaking with Sony support, he found that there is a USB port problem.

There is a DIY hardware that is used to fix this problem, if you don’t have one. It might be that you are experiencing failure in port. Now you need to consider it seriously to contact PlayStation support which will ship you to replace gaming console. You should know that if you are trying to hack into PS4 that will be a problem in warranty.

Video Tutorial: PS4 Controller Not Charging

Third solution- There is another gamer story with Sony support that can help us to resolve the problem. He tested his device by making a connection between his phone chargers and PS4 sockets. There he got that phone is charging without any problem. He jumped into the conclusion that both wires of PS4 controller were malfunctioning. This gamer made a shipment his wires back and get a fresh replacement of wires. You will find the shipment from European Union play station.

Fourth Solution- Some of die heart fan of gamming has suggested us this step which contains step by step solution to address the issue of PS4 controller not charging which is losing synchronization with the PS4.

  1. First you have to navigate PS4 setting.
  2. Remove all PS4 controllers connections from the list under the device
  3. Now you need to reset the game controller. For it you have to use reset button.
  4. Now use the PS button. It will synchronize the controller again.

Fifth solution- There is another solution some gamer recommended. You can find it weird but it can help you to recover from this problem. If PS4 Controller Not Charging will work, it is worth to get a chance to be used. Charge the controller with upside down.

Sixth solution- Like many other electronic devices, PS4 controller uses lithium-ion cell batteries. As we know that these lithium ion cells have their age means they have limited number of charging cycles. It is one time usable battery you have to ask for another one. Lithium batteries are required to be replaced time to means that get the battery replaced.

Seventh solution- There is another DIY solution we came through a You Tuber who is promising inexpensive but temporary solution. Another video gamer suggested another piece of solution- he is saying that you should have a smaller screw with you to get all the screws out of the controller also you need a scissors, wire cutters, knife and extra USB cable. Screws are out of the back of the controller. This will be helpful to repair a broken micro USB as well as loose micro USB.

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Final verdict:

In our topic we have cover all the best possible and experienced methods to resolve the issue regarding PS4 Controller Not Charging. Here technology is on its best and we are used of it. If we any interrupt with our comfortable zone related to technology we find ourselves in frustrations such that we find comfortable things uncomfortable. So we need to tackle this issue first to live our routine life. We are happy to find ourselves for helping technology savvy person. Especially my favourite gamming lovers.

PS4 Controller Not Charging– Have you read all the solutions? I am sure one of them is definitely beneficial for you. One of them is definitely work for you. You need not to go through all the solutions. But keep those in mind. If you found it useful, it is time to get ready, put up your comfortable couch and throw the challenges to your other gamers. I am sure now comfortable couch is making you feeling relaxed not will give you pain as it was giving you before.

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