Samsung TV Wont Turn On – Fixes for Samsung TV Wont Turn On After Power Outage

Hi Users! We are going to discuss some of the solutions if your Samsung TV Wont Turn On. It can be due to any reasons but we are not going to the causes behind the problem. The problem symptoms include if your samsung tv wont turn on red light flashes or your samsung tv wont turn on from standby or your samsung tv wont turn on red light flashes, there can be may other symptoms also but these are the main symptoms which are to be noticed for the below solutions. Just read the few points below and wo knows that one of the solution may click for your TV.

Samsung TV Wont Turn On

Samsung TV Wont Turn On
Samsung TV Wont Turn On

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First we will look at some of the easy steps which you can try then after some of the technical solutions will also be given.

  • Maybe your power plug may be loosly connected, try some of the other plug sockets also. If you are using surge protector then you can try to remove that and then pug the coed in the socket
  • Maybe there could be a low votage that the samsung tv wont turn on no red light just like OnePlus TV.
  • Maybe the TV isn’t receiving the power, look at the LED below the screen either samsung tv wont turn on red light flashes or look for the blinking of the LED
  • It could be due to drained cell battery in the remote, try to ON the power with the button placed on the TV
  • You can call Samsung service center also but before calling look at the TV model. Is your TV model included in the warranty of the Samsung or not. May be you can get a free service repair if your TV is listed in the warranty card.

Here are some of the technical fixes that you can try at yourself:

Perform a software Update (Smart TV)

  • Television must be connected to internet
  • Pick up the remote and press the menu button
  • Scroll down and select support
  • In support menu select Software Update
  • Select Update Now
  • If the update will be available then the software will be installed and updated

Replace the Capacitors

This fix should be performed carefully as it involves some technical mind. You have to open the back of the TV. Unscrew all the back pats. Open the case and do the dollowing things.

  • You should know how to de-solder the filament
  • There are some capacitors which are blown out or they bulge by themselves due to excessive heat. Look for those capacitors.
  • Buy that capacitors model number and replace that with desolder the blown ones and solder the new capacitors.

The capacitors should look like this:

Change the Cable Boxes

Sometimes the change in the cable box could solve your problem.

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In the above article we have discussed how you can resove the problem if your samsung tv wont turn on after power outage. If this solution above doesn’t solve your problem then tyou can call on the Samsung call service number: 1-800-SAMSUNG. Please do the comments below in case of any query. If you have any suggestions and feedback you can use the comment section.

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