[Fix It Now] Spotify Error Code 18 can’t reinstall Spotify!

Sometimes while installing Spotify people faces Spotify Error 18.

Spotify is known to be one of the best and most popular music streaming service around the world. There are millions of people out there who sue Spotify for online music streaming. Spotify Error 18 is available on all major platform like android, iOS, BlackBerry, Windows, MAC and many more.

Spotify Error Code 18 – How To fix it?

Spotify Error Code 18
Spotify Error Code 18

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At times while installing Spotify people faces Spotify Error 18. This error can also show message like “the installer is unable to install Spotify error code 18”while for some it may show “the installer is unable to install Spotify because the files to be written.”

Whatever is the reason behind Spotify error code 18, you can always perform some task to fix it. If you are the one who is looking for ways to fix error code 18 Spotify windows 10/8/7, then you have landed on the correct page. In this post here we are going to talk about what is error code 18 on Spotify, its causes and how to fix Spotify error code 18.

Basically Spotify error 18 is A Device Manager error code. If you are using it for PC, then there is great chances that you’ll encounter this error which takes place when the device driver is damaged. As Microsoft Windows comes preloaded with a tool named “Device Manger” and gives you a detailed information about the connected hardware devices.

One can use this Device Manager tool to find and fix all the issues related to your computer hardware. For example Spotify error code 18 problem can be figured out from Device Manager, and can be solved quickly.

There are two major formats in which Error code 18 Spotify is usually presented:

“The driver for this device aren’t installed. (Code 18)”


“Reinstalled the drivers for this device.”

However it really doesn’t matter which error message you are getting, they are directly related to the program you are using (here consider, Spotify) crashes shortly and after the message is displayed. Spotify Error 18 could be related to installation and running the program as well.

Symptoms of Spotify Error 18

  1. A message with “error 18” appears on the screen, just above the program.
  2. Your PC continuously crashes while installing or running Spotify program.
  3. “Spotify Error Code 18” is displayed.
  4. Windows will start to hand and the mouse or keyboard input will become slow.
  5. Your computer “freeze” for couple of seconds or more at a time.

These 18 error message may appear while you are installing Spotify program. During Windows startup or shutdown, or even after successful installing of Spotify too. It may show you error 18 Spotify code as soon as you will open the installed program.

Causes of Spotify Error 18

Error code 18 can cause a lot of inconvenience to the users too. It is not just related to Spotify and can create problem for other programs and hardware devices as well. Let’s say if Spotify error code 18 pops you because of corrupted a keyboard drivers in your Windows, then it may limit your ability to use your keyboard and work on your PC.

Knowing the cause behind Spotify error 18 will not get them away in seconds, but they’ll let you know how you can fix Spotify 18 error code yourself, and then you can also prevent Spotify 18 error from reoccurring in the future.

  • Spotify error code 18 problem can be caused either by a corrupted installation file or not successful installation of the program.
  • Another reason could be the malware or virus in your Windows OS that might be stopping Spotify to run.
  • If your Windows is having corrupted Windows registry then also you can encounter this problem. This could be because of installing or uninstalling Spotify.
  • Another reason behind Spotify error 18 code can be deletion of some files that are related to Spotify. Not you or Spotify have done this, but some other programs could have done this too. Knowing all the reason behind Spotify error code 18 can help you to troubleshoot Spotify error 18 code more effectively.

How to fix Spotify Error 18 in Windows 10/8.1/7 ?

Method 1: Scan For Malware In PC To Fix Spotify Error Code 18

If you are continuously facing Spotify error 18 Windows 10,8 or 7. Then there might be chances that some malicious codes have corrupted your system files. If you are using a third party Antivirus app, then scan your system with it. These programs are the main reason behind Spotify not installing error code 18 and they can damage, corrupt, or even delete Runtime Error related files.

There are many good antivirus programs available out there which you can use to scan your system with. If you are using Windows 10, then Windows Defender will do the work for you. Do note that if you are facing Spotify error code 18 when updating. Then you have got some other problems as well check below methods to fix Spotify error code 18 permanently.

  1. First of all remove all traces of Spotify (also clear app data directory).
  2. Now remove Comodo from control panel.
  3. Once uninstalled, reboot your system to make sure all files are deleted.
  4. Now once again, install Spotify on your computer. You can download the full installer here.
  5. It will install successfully, and now you can install Comodo too.

  Method 2: Use MSConfig To Solve Spotify Error Code 18

  • First of all press start and type RUN
  • Now open RIn Box, and type in the search box “msconfig”
  • A new window will appear, just go to the services tab and click “Disable All”
  • To make changes to your computer, you will need to restart your computer.
  • Once you have restarted it, it will be messed up but this is normal.
  • Now again, you’ll need to restart your computer.
  • Now you can download and reinstall Spotify for PC to run it without error code 18

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Final Verdict

The above article totally focuses on Spotify Error Code 18. It is widely used all over the world and is one of the best app for live music and offline music. In case of error code 18 this article will be very helpful. In any case of query hit the comment section below.

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