YouTube An Error Occurred – Please Try Again Later [Fix it Now]

YouTube an error occurred is one of the most popular social media platforms which is widely used and accepted by the masses. It is one service that users enjoy a lot because it is a way of watching video trends, watching the news and whatnot.

Have you experienced the frustrating YouTube Message “An Error Occurred, Please Try Again Later”, flashing on the screen? If yes then, you are exactly at the place which you were looking for so long. In this article, we are going to look at the complete guide that will help you to fix the error and will easily reload the page where you can access your YouTube account easily.

YouTube An Error Occurred

YouTube an error occurred

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Evidently, YouTube is the most high-trafficked websites that are serving more than half of the population but while performing this operation the error becomes the center of attraction and people get so mad that they seek things which can help them to remove the error from the site.

YouTube is one service where you can interact with streaming videos that are always available for you on demand. It just takes multiple clicks and you get to see whatever you want in a few seconds but you know there are many things happen behind the scene that makes videos visible on the screen.

YouTube Error Message

It is one common error that we generally face while using YouTube “An Error Occurred, Please Try Again Later” which is clearly revealing that there is no problem happening from your side that means there is a problem with Google, the owner of YouTube and possibly with your connectivity to the server of YouTube.

It is really difficult to determine the cause of the problem and to find out the cause we have provided the troubleshooting instructions which you get to see later in the article. We have discussed the simplest possible fixes as well as the moderate ones which will surely allow you to continue your streaming as soon as you fix the problem.

While using YouTube for streaming videos you still get the error message flashing on the screen then it is strongly advised that you must escalate your troubleshooting to YouTube, Your ISP, or maybe there is a fault in your system.

YouTube Connectivity

It is previously discussed that there are many things always happen behind the curtains as it is a digital platform and everything is a matter of bytes and codes. There is no doubt that Google can be claimed for the error but at the same time, there could be some network issues that may cause the error.

We should give some credit to the brilliant coders for the commendable job which remain unnoticed by the people. Moreover, when we face error that restricts us to access whatever we wish and we end up being frustrated. YouTube has really a simple user interface and the problem that we have discussed is quite commonly seen.

An Error Occurred, Please Try Again Later “YouTube Error

Isn’t it annoying? Undoubtedly yes. More specifically when we desperately want to watch something and the error restrict us to do so. The worst thing about errors is that they come out of nowhere and leave us hanging in the middle where we cannot decide what do we have to do.

This article will surely help you because it has come up with a lot of possibilities where you can easily fix all the problems whatever it may be and motivate you to move even further in the YouTube experience.

Method 1: Flush Cached DNS Data – Youtube An Error Occurred

It is one simple method that will surely help you resolve the error from YouTube. This method will hardly take few minutes of your time and by following this method you will be able to delete all the cached files from your computer.

You are being advised to follow the instructions carefully which are mentioned below.

For Windows

  • The first step in the process is to press the “Windows + R” keys from the keyboard.
  • Then a “Run” pop-up will get appear on the screen and in the space provided you need to type “cmd”.
  • Then a new command prompt Window will get open and there you need to type the following command “ipconfig/flushdons” then press the “Enter” key.
  • And the command will flush all the cached files and data from your computer.


  • Firstly, open the “Terminal Application” on your Computer.
  • Then you need to enter the following code – sudo killall-HUP mDNSResponder.
  • Once you enter the code there, the cached DNS files will get flush on your MAC.

It hardly matters what Operating System you are using, once you go through the steps thoroughly and even after that you get to see the errors then you must try out another method which might help you to resolve.

Method 2: Alter DNS Settings

Youtube An Error Occurred For Windows

  • Firstly, you need to open “Control Panel” from the Start menu.
  • Select “Network and Internet” from the Control
  • Tap on “Network Sharing Center”.
  • And then Select “Change Adapter Settings”.
  • Then you need to right-click on the connection which you are currently using and then select the “Properties” Option.
  • Then you need to click on the “Networking Tab” from there.
  • And after that click on the “Advanced” option.
  • Once the DNS settings open you need to change your IPv4 addresses to and

Youtube An Error Occurred For MAC

  • Firstly, you need open the “System Preferences” on your system.
  • Then select the “Network” option.
  • After that, select the “Advanced” option from the bottom.
  • Click on the “DNS” tab and then click on the “ + “ button to add DNS.
  • And then write and and give access to public DNS.
  • Lastly, click on “OK” button and then “Apply”.

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Final Thoughts:

We hope that you have learned to Fix YouTube an error occurred Message the exceptionally occur while using YouTube. We strongly feel that with the help of this article you have fixed the issue that you were facing. We would love to hear your experience which you can mention in the comments section below.

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